Jin Jun Mei is a Black tea from Wuyi area, China. It is a relatively new tea, and has recently acquired a great popularity and interest in China and the West, after years of being a small-scale production treat for the wealthiest tea dirnkers in China. Due to the high popularity of this tea, there is also a lot of poorly produced and hugely overpriced substandard product available in the market that buyers need to be aware of. Our Jin Jun Mei comes from Xingcun, the origin of Fujian Black teas. This area is currently most known for Lapsang Souchong, that sadly is another big confusion in the West.

Our Jin Jun Mei is an honest Fujian Black tea, grown deep in the Wuyi Mountains. This tea has a slight mineraly flavour, similar to that of Wuyi Oolongs, but it is very deep and full bodied. Jin Jun Mei is a beautiful Black tea to enjoy in multiple infusions using Gong-Fu brewing technique, or a Western style teapot - this tea responds well to a variety of different brewing approaches, and it reveals different taste characteristics when using different brewing methods.

Origin: Xingcun, Fujian, China

Picking: Bud and closest leaves

Flavour: A smooth and rich tea, revealing hints of prunes and dates, slight lively savouriness but malty-sweet overall, a mineraly character reminiscent of Wuyi Oolong teas.

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Jin Jun Mei (Golden Stallion)

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