Rou Gui is named after Cassia due to its aroma reminding of cinnamon bark. It is a sweeter and crisper variety of the classic Wuyi oolongs. Grown on the rocky mountain slopes, this tea has acquired a deep mineral taste that is epmphasized by deep roasting of this tea, but it also has a lovely floral undertone, smoothened by a mellow roasty character.

This tea is an excellent accompaniment to desserts and biscuits, but it is also a treat on its own. It lasts well over multiple infusions. Gaiwan infusion will underline the sweet scent, while a yixing infusion will emphasize the woodiness of this tea. It's a beautiful and complex tea experience in either case.

Origin: Wuyi, Fujian, China

Picking: Bud and closest leaves

Energy: Warming

Flavour: Cinnamon sweetness, warming and toasty, mineral character, but less intense than other Wuyi oolongs, long lasting sweet aftertaste.

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Wuyi Rou Gui (Cassia)

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