• Phoenix Dancong Yashi Xiang Supreme

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Dancong oolong from a 500 years old wild tea tree from the Ping Keng Tou village in Phoenix Mountains, Guangdong, China. This Phoenix oolong is a true gem which is rare to find. Stunning depth and complexity that lasts over many infusions. The quality of water is particularly important when brewing this tea. We highly recommend spring water or well filtered water.

Origin: Guangdong, China

Picking: Buds and 2 leaves   

Energy: Neutral

Flavour: Floral and sweet, slightly toasty, honey and almond notes, very complex aroma

Brewing guidelines
Teaware Yixing pot or porcelain teaware
Gong Fu brewing 3..4g of leaves for 150ml water, multiple infusions @ 85..90C

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Phoenix Dancong Yashi Xiang Supreme

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