It's been long since it was OK to serve instant coffee at a restaurant, and coffee culture has developed greatly over the last decade in Europe. Unfortunately tea culture has yet to catch up, and the use of poor quality mass marketed tea bags is still common even at high end restaurants. If you're a business owner or manager in food / drink industry this service is for you. We'll provide detailed and informative tea training for you and your team, no matter how big or small, so you can bring your tea serving standards to the next level.

Topics covered will include: tea plant varieties, tea families, tea styles, growing environment and seasonality, what makes the difference between mass produced tea bag and fine loose leaves, harvesting and processing techniques and tea styles, energy and health benefits of different teas, storage and handling of fine loose leaf teas, various brewing equipment and approaches, serving and drinking suggestions, tea and food pairing.

The exact contents of the sessions can be tailored to your needs, as well as duration and cost of the trainig. We cover the areas of London, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. Please get in touch at teatime[at] to find out more.

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Barista / Restaurant Tea training

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