• Tie Guan Yin Supreme

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Supreme grade Tie Guan Yin from Anxi, China. These high grade leaves yield an intensively floral and incredibly smooth infusion, perfect for moments when you wish to sit back, unwind and regain energy. Known as Iron Buddha or Iron Goddess of Mercy, this tea offers a very much needed “restart” effect on your day.

Origin: Anxi, China

Picking: Buds and 2 leaves   

Energy: Cooling

Flavour: Intensively floral and very aromatic, sweet with a gentle hint of citrus, silky smooth texture with a very long aftertaste

Brewing guidelines
Teaware Yixing pot or porcelain teaware
Gong Fu brewing 4..5g of leaves for 150ml water, multiple infusions @90C. Rinsing is optional. Start with 30..40 second infusion and gradually increase the time.

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Tie Guan Yin Supreme

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