Grown at 1800m altitude, this is a premium grade Shu or Cooked Puer. Due to the high altitude the plant has to withstand severe temperature fluctuations and harsh winters. This means slower growth and more time to develop the leaves. In such altitude the plant absorbs more nutrients from the soil which reflects in a slightly mineraly flavour of the tea.

This is a Tippy style Puer, meaning, it contains a large portion of young tippy leaves, that yield a smooth and silky infusion. It's an excellent example of a premium grade classic Shu Puer.

Bold and powerful if made in gong-fu style. But can also be made with smaller amount of tea and more water resulting in a lighter and more delicate infusion. For an absolute indulgent tea experience enjoy a strong brewed Bada Puer together with a small peace of white chocolate. You may be pleased to know that this tea actually helps lowering blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

Origin: Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Harvest: 2007

Picking: buds and young leaves

Energy: Neutral

Flavour: Woody and minerally flavour with plenty of sweetness reminiscent if dried longan berries, citrus fruit and roasted fennel seeds. Long lasting aftertaste.

Brewing guidelines
Gong Fu brewing A good Yixing Pot will be ideal for this tea, but it will also do well in a porcelain teapot or a gaiwan. Boiling of just off boil water is required, and rinsing of the leaves is highly advisable. Some people prefer to rinse Shu Puer leaves twice before preparing the tea to drink. This helps to remove any residue from the fermentation process. For Gong-Fu brewing try 4g of leaves for 100ml water and brew for 45 seconds. Then increase the time gradually with each infusion.

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Bada Puer 2007

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