Leaf Bar is a family business founded by Kristine and Matthew Smith in July 2015.

Kristine is known as a fanatic tea drinker and a snobby consumer always enquiring about the source and quality of any products she’s purchasing. This is very much reflected in Leaf Bar’s selection – you won’t  find any blends or flavoured teas on this site, it is all about the best growing and processing practices, and respectful appreciation of the tea in its purest form.

Kristine started her tea career in 2007 when she got her first tea job at a local tea house while studying abroad. After moving to London in 2010 Kristine started working for a well known contemporary East Asian tea house TeaSmith in East London, Spitalfields. This is where she polished her taste buds, tea knowledge and tea serving skills. She also acquired a degree in complementary medicine during these years, hence the many health references on this site.

After many blissfully happy years of tea drinking in TeaSmith and following the sad closure of the venue, Kristine started studying Mandarin and went to China to explore the tea growing and drinking practices at the source. After her return with the help of her husband she started her own tea venture – Leaf Bar.

Leaf Bar is here to re-introduce better tea drinking practices to the European consumer. To remind that there is more to it than a soggy tea bag, processed as cheaply as possible by underpaid plantation workers. Tea production can be transparent, ethical and eco-friendly, you just need to choose where you buy from and which industry to support with your purchase.

Leaf Bar sources their tea only from farms that are striving to achieve the best taste possible, not the lowest price. With more customers choosing better quality and refusing non-ethical products, more farmers will be encouraged to improve their growing practices. And we are here to guide you through the exciting world of tea, help you discover and learn to appreciate what quality actually tastes like.