I have now updated the postage costs in line with Royal Mail price changes coming in place on 1st January 2021. For standard orders First class postage is now £3.68 and Second class postage is £3.00. As before postage is free on orders over £40.International orders are shipped at a flat rate of £9.95 which is the average cost of tracked delivery within EEA. Should the actual postage cost work out less than that the balance will be refunded to the customer...
New Season Teas
Some happy news, folks! The new season Chinese teas and some beautiful matured teas have arrived. I'm listing them them gradually but bear with me while I get decent photos of the leaves sorted.Apologies to those waiting for high mountain oolongs, there have been some delays with getting those in and it will take a little longer. I'll keep you posted...
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Order dispatch during lockdown
What else to do during lockdown but drink tea by the gallon. Thank you all for supporting the shop in this uncertain time. In order to comply with social distancing advice orders are now dispatched once or twice a week to reduce my trips to the post office. Please allow additional time for deliveries as Royal Mail is under strain and deliveries also take longer from dispatch to arrival at your door. Please stay home and stay safe!..
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Matcha Tea and Exercise
For those who hit the gym floor regularly there's lots of good pre-workout boost and post-workout recovery advice out there. Many supplements available in shops contain artificial sweeteners and flavouring agents, so if you want to go all natural, try Matcha tea to energise your body before the workout and recover from the exercise quicker. Matcha contains heaps of antioxidants, the most powerful identified compound being EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). EGCG has been proven to have anti-inflamm..
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A lovely article about Leaf Bar on Somewhere Over The Teapot - a French blog about all things tea. We met with the writer a few weeks ago at Cambridge Market and shared delicious cups of tea and memorable tea stories. I was so excited to meet someone who also appreciates the unsmoked Lapsang tea!The article is in French, a good opportunity to refresh your language skills:  Découverte : la marque The Leaf Bar à Cambridge ..
Leaf Bar at Cambridge Market
Good news for our customers from the Cambridge area - we are now trading at Cambridge Markets on Wednesdays. Come say hi and taste our teas before buying, learn more about what we do and where our teas come from. Have a chat about our trade offers, tea training and corporate events.A selection of teas and teaware will be available to purchase at the market, and you can also collect your online orders from the market stall - just choose "collect from store" delivery option, and drop us an email w..
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Jasmine Shortbread Recipe

Last weekend I baked Jasmine Shortbread for our market stall, and it was very popular! Many customers asked for the recipe, so here you go - give it a go yourself. Matcha shortbread is very easy to make, prep time is 15 min, cool time 30 min, bake time 20min.

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Matcha and White Chocolate Muffins
These muffins look absolutely stunning and are a much healthier alternative to the classic chocolate chip muffins. In this recipe most of the dairy fat / vegetable oil is replaced with coconut oil and sugar is reduced to a low amount. Yet the chunks of the white chocolate still make these muffins taste sweet and delightful. Plus, you get the added health benefits of the green tea.Ingredients:10g Matcha tea2 Eggs250ml milk150g golden caster sugar100g coconut oil50g butter400g self raising flour10..
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Leaf Bar at Hitchin Market
Hiya guys,We've started a regular tea drinking spot at Hitchin Markets on Fridays and Saturdays. Don't be shy and come visit. The market is absolutely lovely, in the heart of Hertfordshire, 30min from London. Every Saturday there will be a tea themed baked treat to enjoy, too. Plus, all the samples and tea talk you may wish for. See you there!..
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Leaf Bar tea available at Natural Health stores
Happy to let you know that a selection of Leaf Bar teas are now available for purchase at Natural Health stores in Hertford and Welwyn Garden City...
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Finding a good Tea Shop

Tea Shops are sprouting like mushrooms these days in the UK. Tea is cool and trendy. It can be a little bit overwhelming at times – shop after shop pops out with hundreds of glass jars showing off colourful leaves. How would you know if one is any good? Here are a few things to look out for:

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Light Roast Oolong

Light Roast Oolongs represent the optimum combination of easy handling, straight forward brewing, stunning flavours and aromas and a perfect balance of the soothing and comforting effect and the uplifting kick you get from tea drinking. Roasting also neutralises some of the stimulants making these teas gently energising but easy on your stomach.

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Wuyi Oolong Infused Cinnamon Buns

The warm and toasty cinnamon flavour of Wuyi Oolong teas go wondefully with dessert. Here I have designed a recipe which not only can be served with a Wuyi Oolong tea, but where tea can also be used as part of ingredients.

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Winter time is Wuyi time

Winter time is Wuyi time. This group of oolong teas has a wonderful warming quality, making them suitable for cold and windy weather and tea drinkers with weakened health.

We have just added more teas to our selection of Wuyi Oolongs - a stunning Shui Xian Supreme (less roasted than most other Wuyi Oolongs) and a younger generation of Da Hong Pao.

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