Cha Tou is a style of Puer, often regarded as the most precious and delicious type of this tea. During the post-fermentation process of this spring harvest tea the leaves are repeatedly handled and shuffled around, which makes them stick together into small lumps. This is a natural occurance due to the pectin content in young tea shoots, they are not in any way pressed to form these lumps like a brick or cake style Puer would be. Once the lump is formed there is some humidity locked inside it which aids further fermenting of the lump from the inside and developing a mature dried fruit flavour.

Because of the young leaves and buds, this tea tastes very smooth and sweet. Despite its young age, this Cha Tou Puer is an absolute delight for anyone enjoying Shu Puer tea. You can also further mature this Cha Tou Puer, just store it in suitable conditions away from light, heat and humidity.

Please note that demand for this tea in the market is higher than the supply, as there is a limited amount of Cha Tou tea that can be made in each batch, therefore, you may also see non-genuine Cha Tou Puer in the some shops, which is nothing but a broken tea cake. A genuine Cha Tou Puer should never be pressed into its shape.

Origin: Yunnan, China

Harvest: Spring 2013

Picking: young shoots, buds

Energy: Neutral

Flavour: Very sweet and fruity, hints of dried dates and matured fruit, herby sweet aftertaste, very soft texture and gentle body.

Brewing guidelines
Gong Fu brewing This tea can be made in boiling or just off boil water. Rinsing of the leaves is highly advisable, some people prefer to rinse Shu Puer twice. This will remove any residue of the fermentation process and bring out a crisper, cleaner taste. Ceramic or clay teaware is most suitable. If aiming for a fuller body, use 3g of tea for 100ml and brew for a minute at first, then gradually increase. If aiming for a sweeter and lighter infusion, start with 1g of leaves for 100ml and brew for 4..5 minutes. Then adjust as you require.

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Cha Tou Puer 2013

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