This is an excellent every day Black tea to have with milk or without, in the morning or afternoon, with breakfast or a cake - a very versatile tea. If prepared as a light infusion it will be fruity and delightful on its own. If milk is added, brew the tea for a bit longer for a fuller body.

Orange Pekoe is a grading system of tea leaves and not a specific tea contrary to a popular belief amongst Western tea drinkers. This Keemun tea is Flowery Orange Pekoe, meaning that it contains nice whole tea leaves and some unopened buds to add more sweetness to the tea.

Origin: Qimen, Anhui, China

TCM Quality: Neutral

Tasting notes: Fruity, hints or orange zest, citrussy freshness, delicate sweetness. If prepared as a light infusion has powerful notes of dried cranberries and prunes. If prepared as a strong infusion this tea shows a deep, full body and can be enjoyed with milk.

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Keemun FOP

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