This well aged Sheng Puer has reached its perfect level or maturity. Not only it has acquired a rich and powerful flavour but it also generously provides the energising potency of tea, known as chi. Keeping that in mind, it’s best to avoid this tea late at night. A portion of leaves will last for many infusions, this is an excellent tea to share with a good friend over a long afternoon. Rinsing of the leaves prior to brewing the tea and starting with short infusions is highly recommended.

Origin: Xishuangbana, Yunnan, China

Harvest: 2004

Picking: Large leafs, buds and stems

Energy: Cooling

Flavour: Tobacco-y, herby and mildly sweet and spicy. Hints of winter apples and roasted root vegetables, sweet aftertaste. Be careful not to over-brew this tea. 

Brewing guidelines
Teaware Yixing clay pot is highly recommended, alternatively a porcelain gaiwan.
Gong Fu brewing Rinsing of the leaves is required. Multiple infusions, 3g of leaves @ 100C, start at 15 seconds and gradually increase in short intervals.

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Yiwu Large Leaf Sheng Puer 2004

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