This is a very approachable and aromatic black/red tea made from a relatively new cultivar - Bai Wen. It's a limited edition batch - only 18kg of this tea were made this season, and we are lucky to have some. The tea is hand picked and includes golden tips - unopened buds of the leaves that bring more sweetness to the flavour.

This tea makes a beautiful transition to non-sweetened cup for those who are used to milk and sugar in their tea. It will do well straight in a mug  or a large teapot, but is also rich and interesting enough to enjoy in gong-fu method over multiple infusions.

Origin: Songboling, Taiwan

Harvest: 28th July 2016

Picking: Bud and 2 young leaves

Energy: Neutral

Flavour: Fruity and silky, smooth and warm flavour, notes of forest berries and natural sweetness.

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Bai Wen Red Tea

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