This is a rare Phoenix Oolong tea, made from a Ba Xian cultivar meaning "Eight Immortals". Ba Xian is a bouquet style Phoenix oolong, but in this example the floral aspect is beautifully balanced and not over powering the other characteristics of this tea. It is a subtle tea that doesn't give away everything it has to offer immediately. It will last through many wonderful infusions when brewed gong-fu style and maintain its stunning complexity and aroma.

Bouquet style Phoenix Oolong is typically of a cooling quality, however, this tea has acquired a more neutral character due to skillful baking which is soft, but deep enough to neutralize some of the acidity that you often find in more floral teas. This makes Ba Xian suitable for people who suffer from weak digestion, or most of us during winter when the cold weather needs to be pacified by consuming food and drink of a warming nature. 

Bouquet style Phoenix teas are known for their immunity boost action, particularly in regards to respiratory  health. It makes this tea a perfect one to enjoy during winter and spring months when a little extra support is needed.

Origin: Chaozhou, Guangdong, China

Picking: buds and closest leaves

Energy: Neutral

Flavour: Very complex and well balanced, despite it's floral nature this tea is more subtle than most bouquet Phoenix teas. The floral flavour is well balanced by skillful baking of the tea. There are hints of lychee, apricot, at the same time it has the delicate toastiness of roasted root vegetables, like parsnip. This tea leaves a long aftertaste and a tingly sensation of the tongue.

Brewing guidelines
Gong Fu brewing This Phoenix Oolong will do best in a porcelain Gaiwan. A higher density Yixing pot can also be used. In ChaoZhou the locals are using just off boil water and a high tea to water ration when brewing Phoenix tea. The pot would be nearly full with leaves and infusions are kept short. This bring out more flavour and more fruitiness of the tea. If you are looking for more sweetness and a softer infusion, try 3g of leaves for 120ml gaiwan and 85C water. Start with 30 seconds and gradually increase the brewing time. When handled carefully, one portion of leaves will yield over 10 beautiful infusions.

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Phoenix Dancong Ba Xian

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