This Green Oolong is a Dong Pian or “Winter Petal” tea. When the weather warms up suddenly for a few days in the winter, the tea plants start sprouting new leaves as if it was spring. This is when Dong Pian teas are harvested. Such harvests have large concentration of buds amongst the young leaves, and buds add to the sweetness of flavour. The short winter days and cold nights provide a climate similar to that of high altitude tea gardens. Although this tea only grows at around 300m altitude, the flavour is similar to a high mountain oolong tea. While most of our selection is strictly hand picked, this is a machine harvested tea, thus making an excellent introduction to oolong teas. This is a very affordable yet complex and sophisticated everyday cup.

Origin: Nantou, Taiwan
Quality: Cooling
Flavour: similar to a high mountain oolong – fragrant, smooth and floral, with a lovely sweet aftertaste

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Green Oolong

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