This unusually looking green tea comes from Shidaye cultivar which produces the biggest leaf buds used in green tea. The leaves are truly huge and they're best brewed in a tall glass (ideally covered for the time of brewing) or a tall glass teapot. That way you can also appreciate the stunning visuals. Please don't be tempted to break the leaves to fit them into smaller teaware. If you haven't got any glassware even a simple mug will do.

This is a subtle and light tea. It has an airy uplifting feel to it. Due to it's gentle character this tea is a good choice for those who usually don't enjoy the grassy nature of many green teas. Taiping Hoikui does not taste grassy at all, it is mildly floral, delicate and has a beautifully smooth texture.

Origin: Anhui, China

Energy: Cooling

Flavour: floral, buttery, smooth, fresh, delicate, light, notes of fresh herbs. 

Brewing guidelines
Gong Fu brewing The large surface area of these flattened leaves mean shorter brewing times than most green teas. Don't be shy with the amount of leaves you use, a quick infusion of larger amount of leaves works well with this tea.

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