• Tie Guan Yin Floral

Also know as Iron Goddess of Mercy or Iron Buddha, this is one of the most sought after teas in China. This Tie Guan Yin is a fine everyday green oolong from Anxi. The leaves are lightly oxidised but retain plenty of green quality.  This is an excellent tea to keep in your office desk's drawer - gently energising and reviving, most suitable for mornings and early afternoons.

Origin: Anxi, China

Energy: Gently cooling

Flavour: Floral, sweet, silky and creamy with a long aftertaste

Brewing guidelines
Teaware Yixing pot or porcelain teaware; this tea behaves nicely also when infused straight in a mug
Gong Fu brewing 4..5g of leaves for 150ml water, multiple infusions @ 90C. Rinsing is optional, start with 30..40 second infusions and gradually increase the time.

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Tie Guan Yin Floral

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