Roasted stem tea from Japan, very warming and low in stimulants - great for a winter evening. It goes amazingly well with food or works on its own as an excellent comforting and warming drink.

Kuki Hojicha is roasted in a porcelain roasting pot, so it doesn't have that charcoally flavour that many roasted teas have. In fact, Kuki Hojicha tastes a little like cookies, well baked biscuits, with very soothing toasty notes that linger for a good while on the palate. This tea technically belongs in the Green Tea category, but there isn't much green about this tea. It yieds a deep amber colour, brownish infusion, it's not temperature sensitive at all, and has qualities opposite to those of a green tea.

For summer season Kuki Hojicha can also be poured over ice, which brings a very interesting combination of a cold drink with a toasty aroma.

Origin: Japan

Picking: Stems with added bits of leaves

Energy: Warming

Flavour: toasted seeds, tahini, straw and honey, toasted barley, roasted pear, figs.

Brewing guidelines
Teaware Ceramic teaware will work best for this tea. Kuki Hojicha is not temperature sensitive and needs hot water to release the best flavour. Therefore, the teapot should be of a material that can hold heat well. We recommend 90C+ water for brewing this tea and one portion of leaves will produce 3..4 infusions.

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Kuki Hojicha

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