Grown at 1200m altitude in Rui Feng village of Ali Shan, this April harvest is a great representative of a fine Taiwanese green oolong. High altitude means slower growth, colder winter temperatures and longer winter rest, which results in greater complexity and depth of flavour. This is a beautifully fragrant and floral tea that lasts through many infusions. The sweet scented leaves remind of lily and lilac. The infusion is light yellow with a buttery mouthfeel, hints of vanilla and lavender, and a long lasting aftertaste. 

Origin: Rui Feng, Ali Shan, Taiwan

Energy: Cooling 

Flavour: Silky smooth and creamy, very fresh, floral sweet flavour with a long aftertaste. 

Brewing guidelines
Teaware Porcelain teaware is highly recommended
Gong Fu brewing 3g of leaves for 130ml water, multiple infusions at @ 90C starting with 30 seconds and gradually increasing.

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Ali Shan

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