This tea is a charcoal roasted version of Dong Pian, the Winter Petal tea. You can try them both side by side to appreciate how roasting changes the nature of this tea. Roasting sweetens the flavour and brings a nutty, toasty character. Roasting also neutralizes some of the stimulants in tea thus making it a more suitable option for late afternoons. And lastly, roasting changes the TCM quality of tea leaves. While the green Dong Pian embodies a cooling quality through roasting of the leaves this tea has acquired a warming quality making in much more suitable for the cold and rainy season.

This winter harvest is a very budget friendly tea, perfect for everyday drinking. The rolled leaves can be infused straight in the cup you drink from. The leaves will quickly sink to the bottom of the cup. Keep topping up with more hot water and enjoy throughout the day.

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Light Roast Oolong

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