Aged since late 70s, this is a unique example of matured Dong Ding teas. The Luanze varietal produce was highly roasted while tea tea was young, then left to mature. Over the long period of aging the usually rolled Dong Ding leaves have opened up a little and look almost like a twisted style oolong leaves. This tea brings a full bodied infusion with a pleasantly warming energy. The slightly smoky infusion brings a  herby, deep flavour with a savoury note, typical of aged oolongs. A treat of a tea, suitable for contemplative moods or times when a little more body heat is needed.

For a portion of tea you'll need 3..4 grams of leaves. Yixing pot brewing is the best option for such teas, however, a gaiwan or a porcelain pot will also do. This tea keeps going for a long time and makes many wonderful infusions. One portion of leaves is plenty to enjoy and share.

Origin: Dong Ding Taiwan

Harvest: 1979

Picking: Bud and 1 small leaf   

Energy: Warming

Flavour: Herby and woody tea, very warm flavour, mild apricot-like sweetness. This tea is deep but subtle, sweet but savoury.

Brewing guidelines
Teaware Yixing pot or porcelain gaiwan
Gong Fu brewing 3..4g of leaves for 120ml water, multiple infusions @ 90+C

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Aged Dong Ding 1979

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