This Hung Shui Oolong comes from a 1300m elevation in Shan Lin Shi mountains. Light Roast oolongs from Taiwan combine both – buttery creaminess of a High Mountain oolong and warming toastiness of a roasted tea. This is a perfect tea for those who are looking for a smooth and warm infusion that does not carry too much stimulants. Perfect all year round.

Origin: Shan Lin Shi, Nantou, Taiwan

Picking: Buds and two closest leaves

Energy: Warming

Flavour:  Smooth and silky, nutty, toasty with a lively floral undertone. Gently warming and soothing brew.

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Brewing guidelines
Teaware Yixing pot or porcelain teaware
Gong Fu brewing 3..4g of leaves for 120ml water. Multiple infusions @ 90C starting with 40 seconds and gradually moving up.

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Shan Lin Shi (Light Roast)

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