This 7 years old White Tea is rolled in small pearls. One pearl is enough for a cup or a teapot, and produces multiple infusions. Aged White Tea is considered to be medicine in Chinese culture which eases digestion and calms the body. Maturing neutralises some of the stimulants and mellows the flavour. This tea is easy to prepare, one pearl is enough for a cup or a teapot, and it tolerates multiple long infusions without turning bitter.

Origin: Fujian, China

Harvest: 2012

Picking: Buds and 2 leaves, rolled

Energy: Neutral

Flavour: Round, gently woody with hints of honey and hay

Brewing guidelines
Teaware Glass or Porcelain teaware
Gong Fu brewing 1 pearl per teapot, multiple infusions @ 90C

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Aged White Tea 2012

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