Chasen is a bamboo whisk used in preparation of Matcha tea. In order to make a proper bowl of Matcha, follow these simple steps:

1) Warm up the bowl by pouring hot water in it

2) Discard the water by pouring it over your Chasen to warm up the whisk, and wipe the bowl dry

3) Add Matcha tea (1..2 scoops or 1/4..1/2 teaspoon works well for most people). An optional step is to sift the tea in order to prevent any lumps forming. But good whisking will do the trick, too

4) Pour 65..70C water gently over the tea powder

5) Take your Chasen and first make a few 8 shaped movements to mix the water and the tea, and disintegrate any lumps of Matcha tea

6) Then proceed to whisk the tea. Don't move the Chasen in a circular motion as if you were beating an egg, instead do fast movements in a single line from one side of the bowl to the other. This will make your Matcha turn frothy and smooth

7) Rinse the whisk and enjoy your Matcha tea! It is drunk straight from the bowl where you whisked it.

Before putting Chasen away to store make sure it is completely dry. Chasen is made of bamboo, and can turn mouldy if placed in a container while still wet.

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Chasen (Matcha Whisk)

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